“Back to Basics”: your pathway to discovery

by Anna Kourouniotis

Another fresh academic year has started and the HEUG Alliance Program Task Force continues its energized efforts in supporting the curation and planning for what is surely to be an epic 2023 conference! I mean, when has it ever NOT been epic, really? Speaking of impressive, did you know that apart from the standard tracks such as Finance, Student Information Systems, or Technical & Reporting, conference participants are also able to select sessions based on three Pathways? One of those is called “Back to Basics. 

Like St. Louis has been considered the Gateway to the West, “Back to Basics” is like the path to Discovery (pause for awe-inspiring gasp)

Come time to select your sessions, filter on this pathway to:

  1. Find recommendations on using existing features or tools
  2. Refresh or awaken your knowledge on tools and techniques
  3. Become informed of best practices
  4. Connect with other new or experienced users

Whether a new or seasoned user, I welcome you to attend one of the many interesting and possibly enlightening sessions in this pathway. They are great for technical, non-technical, managerial, entry – oh heck, all levels! If there’s one thing I’ve learnt through my involvement as a HEUG participant and presenter it is this: there ALWAYS something to learn no matter how experienced you are.

Stay tuned for future updates on the sessions tagged under this pathway. Make sure to follow the HEUG on your favorite social media channels! As a reminder, the official call for proposals opens on September 12.

We will see you in St. Louie!

Best wishes,


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