How to Thrive & Network within Online Communities

As online communities are gaining even more momentum this past year, the need to collaborate in a space where you share similar interests with other professionals is essential. But what does it mean to thrive within a community? Are you the type of community member that stays in the background, reading updates that come through? Or do you offer advice, add questions, and share past projects continuously? There is plenty to be gained within a community from increased knowledge, professional development, opportunities, and even networking. But how can you benefit from being a part of a community? Let’s dig in.

Share your Experience and Knowledge

Online communities, like the HEUG, are a place for members to collaborate and share with others that have similar interests and challenges they may be facing. There may be a time when you don’t see a specific resource, issue, or discussion. Those moments are a great time to share what you currently need and if other members of your community have a similar challenge or experienced it before. The more you share and interact, the more likely your community becomes a place to learn, engage, and network.

Showcase Past Presentations and Projects

As a member, you are an excellent resource within your community. If you’ve recently completed a project, plan, or presentation that is relevant to your community, share it! There may be another member searching for the valuable information and ideas that you have to offer.

Join Community Discussions

Your community is an interesting, enjoyable, and valuable place to engage with other members. The more you interact within a group, the more other members will think of you and your messaging. Most HEUG Communities have discussions regularly that are open to members to ask questions, collaborate, and express future needs.

Offering your knowledge and expertise in different areas within a community ranges from asking questions, answering questions, providing resources, or joining regular live discussions. Establishing a relationship with other members is essential for professional and personal development, no matter the size or information you offer. Consider reaching out to your community today!

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