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Reimagine the Future of Higher Education at Alliance 2024: Registration Now Open!

Higher education is in the midst of a transformational period, and at HEUG, we believe it’s time to accelerate that change and challenge the status quo. The role of technology in shaping the future of higher education institutions cannot be overstated, and our flagship event, Alliance 2024, is evolving to help you stay at the forefront of this evolution. 

Alliance ’24 is a globally renowned conference, bringing together higher education professionals from around the world. It’s the ultimate platform for sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration, networking with peers, and discovering inspiration. And the best part? Regardless of the specific product or platform you work with, Alliance ’24 is designed to serve all higher ed professionals. 

Early Bird Registration 

The Call for Proposals phase has concluded, and our dedicated team has selected an exceptional agenda for the upcoming conference. We are excited to announce that Early Bird Registration is open! In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the benefits of early bird registration and provide a glimpse of what to expect when you join us for this extraordinary event. 

Advantages of Early Bird Registration  

  1. Savings Galore: Secure your spot early and enjoy discounted rates, allowing you to manage your budget with ease.  
  1. First Dibs: Be among the first to choose your ideal hotel or price range. If you qualify for the government rate, act swiftly, as these options tend to fill up rapidly.  
  1. Stress-Free Planning: By reserving your conference ticket well in advance, you’ll wave goodbye to the stress of last-minute arrangements. This affords you more time to prepare and explore the enchanting city of Phoenix. 

Simple Registration Steps 

  1. Lock in Your Accommodation: To take advantage of the early bird conference rate, it’s crucial to secure your hotel room using our conference reservation system. Take a peek at our diverse hotel options, catering to various price points. 
  1. Complete Your Registration: During the registration process, you’ll need to provide your hotel acknowledgment/confirmation number. Rest assured; we’ll guide you through the registration process seamlessly.  

MAINSTAGE at Alliance 2024: Where the Future Meets Today 

Get ready for MAINSTAGE at Alliance 2024! Imagine a 50,000 sq. ft. space dedicated to bringing together the brightest minds, innovation architects, and tech leaders who are shaping the future of higher education. 

MAINSTAGE is more than just a physical space; it’s an experience. It features TED-style talks, interactive workshops, and roundtable discussions on a wide range of topics. The goal? To equip you with the vision and confidence to lead your projects, teams, and institutions into a new era of education. 

Reinventing Experiences with Focus Areas 

Alliance ’24 is ushering in a new era with a revamped focus area structure for sessions. This change is all about reinvigorating your learning experience. It’s about igniting engagement and providing you with a more streamlined and personalized journey through the conference. 

With these tailored focus areas, we’re offering specific sessions, networking opportunities, and resources to meet your unique needs and interests. Navigating the conference has never been easier, allowing you to get the most out of your Alliance ’24 experience. 

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Invest in your professional development and contribute to the advancement of higher education. Register early, and we eagerly await your presence at Alliance, where we’ll jointly unlock the future of higher education!  

Warm regards,  

Alliance 24 Program Team   

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