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Howdy, Y’all! Roundin’ Up the Must-Have Topics for the HEUG Alliance Conference 

When it comes to planning the HEUG Alliance Conference, there’s a force that’s as strong as an Arizona sunbeam—our members’ voices and wishes. To serve the most essential topics at the conference, we’ve wrangled up a mighty fine wish list—straight from the community! 

So, hold onto your cowboy hats, ’cause we’re gonna spill the beans on the topics y’all have been hankerin’ for. Whether this is your first Alliance rodeo, or you are a seasoned pro, please consider throwing your cowboy hat into the ring by submitting a session proposal

Talent Retention and Recruitment: Ropin’ the Best and Brightest 

Now, we all know that finding good folks to join your posse ain’t no walk in the park. Talent retention and recruitment are like taming a wild stallion—it takes patience and know-how. Take your attendees down the trail of tips and tricks for lassoing and keeping the sharpest wranglers in town.  

Tips and Tricks for Migration: A Campfire Chat for Non-Tech Folks 

Migratin’ through the tech landscape can be as confusin’ as a desert mirage. But fear not, we’re looking for presenters to spill the beans on the best tips and tricks for non-tech users to make their way through the digital wilderness.  

Business Analysis: Craftin’ a Business Process Inventory Lasso 

In the world of business, knowledge is gold, and that means you gotta have a trusty lasso to rope it in. We’re looking for presenters who know how to build a business process inventory that’s tighter than a cowboy’s knot. Teach your attendees the ropes of identifying, mapping, and optimizing business processes like a true Arizona prospector.  

Cloud Migration: Lessons Learned from the High Desert 

Now, movin’ to the cloud might sound like somethin’ out of a sci-fi novel, but it’s become as common as a cactus in these parts. Share the lowdown on how to prepare for a move to the cloud. Our members want to hear the stories of those who’ve ventured before them and learn from their triumphs and tumbles.  

So, there you have it, partners! Whether it’s wrangling talent, navigating the tech trails, taming business processes, or soaring to the cloud, we’re striving to build an agenda to equip you with the know-how to get it all done.  

Do you have any expertise in these areas? Call for Proposals is happening NOW until October 6. Submit your session and you might just earn yourself a free pass to the conference! Yeehaw! 

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