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Latest from the Blog

Joshua Vincent Elected President (March 2023 – March 2025)

by Brittany Moon I am very pleased to announce that at the recent HEUG Board of Directors meeting, Joshua Vincent from Vanderbilt University was unanimously elected by his fellow board members to serve as HEUG President for the 2023-2025 term. In his first term on the board, Joshua took on the role of Vice President of…

“Back to Basics”: your pathway to discovery

by Anna Kourouniotis Another fresh academic year has started and the HEUG Alliance Program Task Force continues its energized efforts in supporting the curation and planning for what is surely to be an epic 2023 conference! I mean, when has it ever NOT been epic, really? Speaking of impressive, did you know that apart from…

Celebrating our members EXCELLENCE!

Lisa M. Clark, the inaugural deputy university registrar for Cornell University, in the Office of the University Registrar (OUR), has won the 2022 George Peter Award for Dedicated Service.

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