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Last Words before Alliance

by Renee Riley

So, I struggled a little with putting this last blog together. I know it won’t be my last blog ever, but it is bittersweet to be writing my last blog as the Alliance Program Chair. I will save all the sappy stuff for my post-Alliance blog. (Something for you all to look forward to.) Instead, I want to write about two very important things at Alliance – this year’s community partners.

For many years, the Alliance Conference has partnered with a local charity or charities to raise awareness and financial support. The selection of the charity is one that the Program Chair makes and it is usually something that is very dear to them. This year I chose the Center for Native Pollinator Conservation and Care STL. I have always had a deep love for nature and animals and the current plight of our native bee populations is something I wanted to spotlight. In addition to conservation, the Center for Native Pollinator Conservation, as part of the Saint Louis Zoo, educates people on the importance of pollinators for plants, animals, and ourselves. Tying together education, conservation, and a “Save the bees!” message made them an easy choice for me.

Care STL is the Center for Animal Rescue & Enrichment of St. Louis. This shelter is dedicated to saving the unwanted, abused, neglected, and homeless companion animals of the City of St. Louis. If you have attended an in-person Alliance before, you know that having some puppies to cuddle between sessions is the best way to relax and unwind. Care STL will be onsite in the Solutions Center with some of their adoptable furry friends for just that purpose. I can promise you that if I am not popping in and out of sessions I can probably be found at the dog park.

Both charities will be accepting cash donations in the Solutions Center. And even if you are not making a donation (although I hope you do), I hope that you will stop by to learn more about their initiatives.

See you all in St. Louie!


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